The Part 107 Made Easy course offered by the Pilot Institute is a self-paced, video-centric, online curriculum that is designed to empower students to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate knowledge exam on their first attempt.  It covers all of the FAA recommended topics as well as additional information geared to help you become a responsible and safe drone pilot.

This is not a bare-bones course that focuses on test question memorization.  Weaved throughout the course are anecdotes,  real-world examples, and advice that will make you a better drone pilot.  At the end of this course you will be confident in your ability to fly a drone in the national airspace.

Top Notch Instructor

At the heart of the Pilot Institute is Greg Reverdiau who is the co-founder, lead flight instructor, and day-to-day face of the company.  Greg has been an aviation professional since the early 2000s and currently holds the following FAA certificates:

  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Commercial Pilot (for single and multi-engine planes)
  • UAS Remote Pilot.

He has parlayed his prior experience working for two of the biggest aeronautical universities in the country into his current passion of educating the next generation of manned and unmanned pilots.

As of this writing, the Pilot Institute has twelve drone courses and five manned pilot courses.  They also offer several free courses for people interested in exploring manned and unmanned careers or just wanting to learn more about aviation as a hobby.

High Level of Student Engagement

One of the big benefits of getting your Part 107 training with the Pilot Institute is their high level of student engagement.  Their lead instructor, Greg Reverdiau, responds personally to student emails, fosters lively discussions in their private Facebook group (for students only), and typically responds to student inquiries within 24 hours.

In addition, Greg has produced a “Drone news video of the week” on their YouTube channel every Friday since May of 2019.  In those videos he covers 3-5 drone-related current events and often encourages his audience to ask engaging questions about those topics in the comments section; where he spends time responding to viewers’ reactions.

In addition to the weekly news show, Greg has been known to produce a mid-week update on breaking news.  Any time there is a significant development in the drone community, like updates to existing FAA regulations, Greg will often produce a long-form video teaching his audience everything he has learned about the event.

Curriculum That is Always up-to-date and Evolving

One of the latest additions to the course that they seem very excited to offer students are digital 3D visualizations of airspace models.  Again, showing that they are dedicated to providing the best educational experience that they can deliver for students.

Where to Find Part 107 Made Easy

The course is currently offered on the Udemy learning platform as well as at where it leverages the knowledge sharing platform for its delivery.

Each version of the course contains the same core video content and lesson structure, but because of some limitations in Udemy policy there are differences in the “bonus” materials offered.

Below is a list of items that are included with the version that are not available on Udemy:

  • Guarantee that you will pass the test or they give you a refund AND $150 to retake the test.
  • Drone Maneuvers Mastery course for free (a $99 dollar value)
  • mobile app with 120 flashcards (base version of the app has 30 free questions)
  • 11-page cheat sheet
  • Unique interactive 3D airspace model
  • Explanations to all the questions
  • 50 additional questions
  • Unlimited practice exams

Because of these significant differences, the price for the Udemy version of the course is lower to make up for having fewer features.  With that being said, the standard price for the Part 107 Made Easy course offered at is $249.00 (often marked down to $149), but if you’re patient they regularly have special event pricing and offer discounts throughout the year.  For example, during their recent 2020 black Friday sale, the cost of the course was slashed in half to $124.00 and drew more than 2,000 more students into the program.  Drone Outlook has also partnered with the Pilot Institute by joining their affiliate program and will, from time to time, offer coupon codes for discounts on courseware.

My Conclusions

Overall, this is a solid offering from the Pilot Institute that will raise your odds of passing the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam on the first try to over 99% (based on feedback from students who have completed the course and taken the test).  For additional details and to see how the course compares to other Part 107 test prep training check out our Part 107 Test Prep category in our catalog.

If you’ve already taken Pilot Institute’s Part 107 Made Easy course we would love to hear about your experience!  Leave a comment below to share your personal review of the course and maybe some advice for someone just starting to study for their FAA remote pilot certificate.

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