Capt. John Peltier teaches a Chilean orphan how to take pictures at Koinomadelfia Orphanage west of Santiago, Chile.

When I first discovered that Peltier Photo Courses offered a drone pilot license exam prep course I was skeptical.  I thought “how is a photographer qualified to teach an aeronautics class?“.  After spending just a few minutes reviewing the instructor’s background and experience my concerns were immediately alleviated.

John Peltier is a U.S. Air Force (USAF) veteran of nearly ten years where he achieved the rank of Captain and flew the F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet in two tours of combat duty over Afghanistan.  In addition to the practical flight experience of conducting close air support combat patrols and security flights for several US Presidents and a shuttle launch, John spent his last three years in the military as an instructor for a training squadron.   By the end of his career in the USAF, John was responsible for overseeing the academic instruction material used by all F-15E training squadrons throughout the entire USAF.

After leaving the military in 2012, John continued his aviation career by becoming a helicopter flight instructor and tour operator in his home town of South Lake Tahoe where he is still based out of today.  Even after he transitioned from teaching and flying helicopters to being a full-time professional photographer he stayed active in aviation as a remote drone pilot by participating in search and rescue operations.  It was during his time interacting with search and rescue professionals and volunteers where he identified the need for, and subsequently developed, a formal remote pilot training program.

Now that we’ve fully established the solid credentials of the instructor behind Peltier Photo Courses, let’s talk about the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep Courses that they offer.

Peltier Photo Courses offers several remote pilot training options at a variety of flexible prices depending on your Part 107 education needs.  The core offering is the Test Prep – FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot course for people who want to pass their initial FAA airman knowledge exam required to apply for a remote pilot certificate.  If you don’t need the full initial course, they offer a pared-down version for people who just need to study for their recurrent renewal exam.  They’ve also broken out two topics that students have the most trouble with (airspace and weather) into their own smaller courses if you just want to focus on those trickier subject areas – they also bundle these two courses together for more savings.  I almost forgot, after you complete the Test Prep – FAA PART 107 course, they automatically enroll you in their recurrent course so you’re all set to study for your recurrent exam when the time comes.

The Peltier Part 107 Remote Pilot course contains all the topics you’ll need to prepare for the FAA knowledge test and includes more than 35 lessons and over 10 hours of video.  Each lesson consists of a narrated video, a full text transcript with visuals and links to external resources, and a quiz with an average of 5 questions to help with knowledge retention.  In addition to providing opportunities to test your knowledge in quizzes as you progress through the course, Peltier includes a 60 question practice test (selected from a 240 question bank) meant to get you used to the FAA exam format.

Overall, I am very impressed with the instructor’s dedication to provide an outstanding experience for his students.  He not only offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but he also guarantees you’ll pass your FAA exam on the first try or he will reimburse you for the testing fee and refund your course tuition.  Although, with his students having a 100% pass rate so far it isn’t likely you’ll need to take him up on that offer.

For additional details and to see how the course compares to other Part 107 test prep training check out our Part 107 Test Prep feature break down table.

If you’ve personally taken any of the Peltier Photo Courses we would love to hear about your experience!  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions of the course and maybe offer some advice for someone just starting to study for their FAA remote pilot certificate.

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  1. Just finished his 107 prep course. Excellent prep materials and laid out nicely for learning.

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