Drone Outlook is focused on one thing – helping  you grow your small drone business

My passion is on drone entrepreneurship and the challenges of launching, growing, and sustaining a small drone services company

I’m no expert. I struggle, learn, and grow daily. I endeavour  to do better today than I did yesterday.

What does it mean to have a
Drone Outlook ?

Maintaining a 400 foot attitude is more than just a clever play on words or a slogan on a T-shirt. It embodies the spirit and intent of Drone Outlook and its mission to help you succeed on your journey.  

Having a 400 foot attitude means rising above the noise and finding clarity in purpose. It means leaving behind the ugliness of the daily grind and breathing fresher air .

It’s a way to mentally put distance between you and the naysayers who fill you with self doubt and make you think you can’t achieve your goals.

Do you have a DRONE OUTLOOK?

Even our initials embody the spirit of just getting out in the world and doing something positive.

I’m a U.S. Army veteran and a lifelong freelance  photographer

…and I’m just starting my journey as a FAA certified drone pilot.

My goal is to explore every aspect of starting and growing a drone services company. I’ve never done this before, and it may get ugly at times, but let’s figure this out together!