Picking a Drone: Job Performance vs Cost


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Drones are an inexpensive and amazing tool for doing inspections, site surveys, marketing, training, and a lot more. This free lecture will help you identify which drones are best suited for the job and about how much it will cost.

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HeatSpring does not sell drones and we have no monetary connection to the vendors – this is an unbiased guide to buying a commercial drone for your business.

Learning Objectives
  • Buyers overview of the drone market
  • Tool for matching aircraft and payloads to the job
  • Guide for your buying decisions


Keven Gambold (Squadron Leader RAF, Ret.) completed 21 years of active duty service with the Royal Air Force as a front-line combat pilot. After over 1500 hours in Tornado GR4 fast-jets, including active participation in all recent multi-national conflicts, Gambold joined a Combined Predator Task Force logging over 1500 hours of unmanned combat missions and two deployments to in-theatre Launch-Recovery Elements. He completed his tours as the senior Standards Evaluator and the project officer for both Multi-Aircraft Control (MAC) and Advanced UAV Cockpit programs. With a Masters in Aeronautical Operations and a Commercial Pilots License, he is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unmanned Experts Inc.

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