Cinematic FPV Drone from Scratch




Skip costly trial-and-error and build a professional FPV drone on your 1st try.

  • 3 hours of step-by-step video instruction
  • Complete blueprint to build the ultimate machine and configure it for smooth flying
  • Perfect for new FPV pilots who want to avoid buying a cheap FPV drone that flies poorly
  • Parts list includes high-quality components to build a durable and reliable FPV drone
  • Turbo-charge your learning with the experience of a 7 year FPV veteran

High-quality components for the ultimate FPV drone

There are many reasons to build your own FPV drone. Maybe you want that cinematic look like the pros on YouTube, or maybe you just want a drone that is reliable, durable, and flies like butter. Or maybe you’re tired of setting up drones that take hours or even days. It may also be the airspace limitations that certain manufacturers have in place?

For this course, we selected the best quality components out there and we show you how to assemble and solder the ultimate FPV drone together. The result is the smoothest flight combined with responsive controls. The instructor, Donald Heon, uses his knowledge and experience from building over 100 drones to save you time and headaches. Setting up your drone has never been easier.

Instead of buying a cheap drone that doesn’t fly as expected, simply invest some time and money into creating your own professional cinematic FPV drone and get immediate results like the pros.

We provide you with a parts list that includes reliable electronic gear, even tools and consumables are provided.

  • (1) Pick the correct components: we will help you select the newest and most reliable components on the market that simply perform at a professional standard,
  • (2) Assemble the frame: we show you how to assemble the carbon fiber frame and place the components in a location for maximum reliability and durability,
  • (3) Solder the components: we show you how to strip and re-pin wires, how to connect all the components together and how to solder them properly.
  • (4) Configure the software: the hard part about building your own drone is to find the proper settings to fly smoothly. Skip the guessing with Don’s years of experience in tuning by selecting a tuning preset backed by his pilot name. We walk you through all the steps to configure, flash, and setup the smoothest firmware in the FPV community,
  • (5) Safety: Don shows you how to ensure your drone was built properly and how to complete your first test flight.

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